Episode 68

Published on:

21st Mar 2023

3 Mindset Hacks To Secure Highly Paid Roles Faster & Easier

Are You Tired Of Feeling Stuck In A Never-Ending Cycle And Not Getting Closer To Your Career Goal?

It's time to shake things up and try a new approach.

Introducing "3 Mindset Hacks To Secure Highly Paid Roles Faster & Easier." 

These tips are game-changers for anyone looking to supercharge their career and reach new levels of success.

In this episode, you'll unlock the secrets to:

  • Use your mindset and beliefs to drive high performance
  • Transform your scarcity mindset into an abundance mindset
  • Adopt a growth mindset to position yourself for success
  • Daily habits that move the needle and get you closer to your goals

It's time to stop playing small, transform your mindset and start claiming the success you deserve!

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The course helped me realize if I want this, I can do it. It's a question of how do I get there?


If you want to change your life, if, like me, you are feeling unfulfilled, if you know that you're capable of more, if you want to grow, if you want to succeed, if you want to make big money, if you want to feel like you're making a change in this world, take the jump.


It is by far one of the best trainings that I've gone through. It's not just about filling in papers and learning how to fill in a form. It's starting from the very, very beginning, and that's mindset. Everything starts and ends from mindset.


Are you ready to know what you don't know about Privacy Pros? Then you're in the right place.


Welcome to the Privacy Pros Academy podcast by Kazient Privacy Experts. The podcast to launch progress and excel your career as a privacy pro.


Hear about the latest news and developments in the world of privacy, discover fascinating insights from leading global privacy professionals, and hear real stories and top tips from the people who've been where you want to get to.


We're an official IAPP training partner.


We've trained people in over 137 countries and counting. So whether you're thinking about starting a career in data privacy or you're an experienced professional, this is the podcast for you.


How can you use your mindset to gain a powerful edge over your competition? And it all comes down to making sure that you have a growth mindset rather than a fixed mindset, an abundance mindset rather than a scarcity mindset, and that you know that you are in charge of your mind. Before anything else, you need to get your mindset right. I want you all to go and add this to your reading list. It's a mindset book by Dr Caroline Dweck, and she is the foremost expert when it comes to fixed mindset and growth mindset. So make sure you grab this on your reading list, and if you don't have time, then you can get the blink list and at least you have some idea of how powerful this stuff can be. So once you have the right mindset, the growth mindset, then it's going to really help you to start moving forward in the right direction. Unless you get the right mindset, nothing you do is going to help you. You're going to be what they call yoyo dieter. You have some wins you go back, you'll have some wins you back, and you'll end up going round and round in circles and staying in the right place. So it all starts by believing in yourself, knowing that you have the capability, knowing that you've had wins in your life, knowing that you are capable of so much more than the position or the scenario you're in right now. Prioritising learning, like making an effort to learn, to become aware of how you feel. Make sure that you don't let those things hold you back. Like, one of the things I get people to do that join the program is I get them to buy these. It's called the Full Focus journal. And every day over the course of the program, it only lasts 90 days. They have to go in and they have to write certain things down. So it says stuff like what happened in the past day? What were my biggest wins? What lessons did I learn? What am I thankful for right now? The attitude of gratitude is so powerful. What stood out? What did I read here? What can I do to move forward on my goals? This stuff is so powerful. If you look at all of the best athletes, the best business people, all of them, they talk about one thing. They talk about journaling. And this specific journal is one that works for me and it works for all of my students on the program. It's called the full focus journal. It's by a guy called Michael Hyatt. You can buy them on Amazon. If you're in the States, it’s really easy to get hold of. If you're outside of the States, then it's pretty expensive. It's about £50 for you to buy here in the UK. But you're worth more than £50. So don't think twice. Always invest in yourself and get the best things for you. I want to go a little bit more into deeper into growth mindset and fixed mindset, because this is the thing that's going to make the biggest difference for you guys, right? If you can just change that and all we did on this program today was just go away with that, then it is going to be everything for you.


Now, how do you know if you have a growth mindset or if you have a fixed mindset? So somebody who has a fixed mindset, they think that if they show they're trying too hard, it shows that they're inadequate and is a sign of weakness. So they avoid trying hard. If they find something difficult and they struggle the first time, they think it makes them look small. Someone who has a fixed mindset, they avoid feedback. And they then take that feedback personally like it's a criticism about them as a person. They don't take chances to learn and grow and see that as constructive criticism. If they find something difficult, they're more likely to give up. They don't see things through. So these are all characteristics of somebody who has a fixed mindset. They fear failing, right? They look for instant gratification. They want results today. They don't want to wait weeks and days and months. They fear failing straight away. They have avoidant behaviour, right? They avoid stuff. They avoid doing the things outside of their comfort zone because they feel like, I just want to do what I'm comfortable with. I don't want to try something new, I don't want to try something different. So they avoid growth. They fear shame and humiliation. And I'm not saying that just because you don't want to feel shame and you don't want to be humiliated. It's a bad thing. It's a good thing. But these people, they blow it out of proportion. And they think that people are sitting there thinking about them the whole day, when actually everyone's thinking about what they want to have for breakfast, what they're going to have for dinner, what time they have to pick up their kids. So this fear of failure and humiliation makes them avoid stuff, which makes them avoid failing, which means they don’t start on stuff, and they're never seeking through. The biggest problem with people with a fixed mindset is they believe that traits are fixed, which means that they believe that you're either born smart or not. You're either creative or you're not. You're either intelligent or you're not. And we know this isn't true because we know through if you apply enough effort, you can achieve anything that you set your mind to. And the other thing is, these will actually feel pressure to compete or to do more, not to appear lesser than others.


So that's all they care about, is how they look in front of people. And that's why you see people look to cheat, to pass those exams by buying those illegal dump questions just so they can go and show that they've got a piece of paper that says they passed a multiple-choice question. And when you actually speak to them, they have no idea of anything. Somebody on the growth mindset side, they actually have a lot more emotional resilience. They like giving things a try. They value effort, so they want to try hard. They accept feedback. They actually encourage that feedback so they can take it and act on it and grow and move forward. They confront challenge. They love a challenge. They go and confront it. They punch fear in the face, and they go and do what they need to do anyway. And they're happy to take as many as they need to, to get really good at something. They believe or they know the abilities can we develop. They're not fixed, okay? We can grow abilities. We can grow better at doing things. And they're instilled with a can-do attitude. That is the most powerful thing about having a growth mindset, and that traits are not fixed. With the right effort, with the right guidance, you, too, can go and achieve anything that you want to achieve. Once you've got the mindset. We talk about getting clarity. We need to get clarity in everything that we do. And these are the C Five methodology that we talk about when you come into the program. And the clarity is the first one of those, but it all starts off with that mindset. Roberta some of you might have seen me share a LinkedIn video when I was at the exhibition. She came she had a life changing moment. When she joined the academy programme twelve weeks ago, she was stuck. She was bitter, she was broke, she was frustrated, and she couldn't find a way out of her role. She was applying for roles, but nothing was happening. She joined the program within twelve weeks. She got an offer at 30% more of her current salary with an advanced position for a massive financial institution, BNP Pariba. And she actually shares her story.


Hey, guys. I am here at the RISK exhibition show, and Roberta has come to see me, and she's got all teary. Roberta, why are you emotional? Tell everybody. Oh, I'm so happy. I just got an offer and a contract that I signed with a new company. It's a new job, and I resigned. It's a big day. It feels so emotional. I'm so happy, though. He's responsible. I just helped to guide you. You did all the hard work. So, guys, Roberta has just signed a new contract for an offer that she's got even though she hasn't even finished the program yet. She's increased her income by at least 25%, and she's going into a globally recognized company, in fact, one of the biggest financial institutions across the world. She's got an amazing team, and they value the skills that she's bringing to the table so much. And everything she asked for as part of the negotiation, they gave her because they wanted her on their team. They told the recruiter, don't let her go without signing up. Right? And she's here, and she's telling me the story. Ands you can see the emotion. This is why we do what we do to make you people happy. I really am totally short for words, but in a good way.


First thing is you need to get clear on your reason why. When you have a powerful enough why, the how’s come for themselves. Most people, they set goals, but they're not aligned to their true passions. Like, what is the purpose? Go and have a thing. Go and meditate. Go and journal. Go and take a walk and figure out what it is that you want to do and why you want to do it. Because when the why is powerful enough, the how’s will come for themselves. Be consistent, right? You can't go and go to the gym one day, go and eat fast food, and then three days later, rock up at the gym and say, hey, why haven't I got results? You have to be consistent. You have to be there every single day, and you have to create valuable content, right? So when you go and you look on some of the mentees and you see how crisp and clear their takeaways are, it makes you think, wow, these guys know their stuff. If you create content that's valuable to other people, that helps them. That helps them to grow. Remember, don't have a scarcity mindset. It's not like, oh, I know this stuff and if I tell other people, they're going to learn this stuff too. That is how the scarcity mindset works. You know in abundance, there is more than enough roles for everyone, every privacy pro to thrive and beyond, there's more than enough roles out there.


I remember when I first started doing this mentoring stuff. There was this one beep person who messaged me and said, hey, why are you helping all those people? Aren’t you worried they're going to be taking our jobs and our contracts? How many millions of companies are there out in the world and they're worried about me helping two or three people? It just doesn't make any sense. And you will get people who have the fixed mindset, who will be scared and they will fear other people growing and accelerating. But those are toxic people that you need to get rid of your life. Don't let that hold you back. So don't let fear hold you back and don't try and fit in. This is the biggest mistake I made, I tried to fit in. And this industry, for those of you who know what it's like in the UK, was dominated by middle aged, middle class white lawyers, male, who I am not someone that fits in with them, right? And I tried my best to fit in with them and then I realized that's where I was going wrong. And the moment I decided, instead of trying to fit in, I'm going to be outstanding and stand out outstanding, that's when everything started changing for me. Now suddenly people wanted to talk to me. They wanted to know who I am. They want to know what I'm about. They want you to know my opinion on things. They want me on TV in front of the nation explaining what my thoughts are about data privacy and this incident and this breach and the ring doorbell camera and all of these things, right? So don't try and be someone else. Be you and be the best version of yourself. If you go and watch some of my earlier interviews, you can see that when it comes to the word regulation or legislation, I always get the two mixed up and I always end up saying regislation.


I don't let that hold me back. Like I could have said, oh, you know what, I know I'm going to mess up a few words or I'm going to do this and I'm going to do that and I don't want to make a fool out of myself, so I'm not going to go on TV and do those things. But guess what? Who cares? It the only person who picked up on that was my wife. Nobody else even heard it, right? So people are not there thinking about you. People are there thinking about their own problems. So we always over exaggerate how bad something could be, instead of thinking about all of the great things that would come and one of the things we teach in the program is instead of saying what if this that happens and letting your subconscious mind scare you, ask yourself this question instead. Wouldn't it be great if and then fill in the blank. Wouldn't it be great if and then fill in the blank. And you'll see, when you do that, your brain starts thinking about positive reasons why and it compels you to go and achieve those things. And if one of those things that you wrote about, wouldn't it be great if happens, then what have you lost out on? But if you don't take that opportunity to begin with, you're never going to be there.


So who is this actual program for? So the ultimate accelerator program is a solution for anyone who wants to progress to a more fulfilling career. And if you actually want to get into some of those senior roles, if you want to be able to attract that financial freedom but also have a healthy work life balance, then this program is definitely for you. And if you want to be surrounded, you want to have an environment where you have a community of supportive and knowledgeable individuals, then this program is definitely for you too. If you want mentorship on the role and you want to actually get through some of those challenges and things that are holding you back, then this is the right program for you. And if you haven't had the success that you've been hoping for with getting the types of roles that you truly desire and you deserve, then get in touch with me. Jump on one of these calls and we're definitely going to help you out. And if you like most people on this call, you actually are not in data privacy right now. And you're outside and trying to look in and you want to make that transition smoothly and successfully and then just keep climbing that ladder, then this program is definitely for you. If you want to successfully pivot to privacy, really take a big massive chunk onto your salary that you take home, get some of that respect that you deserve, then this is definitely there for you.


And if you want to stop feeling scared and you want to stop feeling lost and you want to overcome that self-doubt and impostor syndrome, then this program is definitely for you. So these are some of the benefits that you see people who have been on the program enjoy. They become financially more free. They stop wasting time. They start achieving their goals. They get those results fast. We make it easy peasy to become a privacy pro even if you haven't done a day's worth of privacy in your life yet. If you just look at examples of people who have come from being an Uber taxi driver, coming from a restaurant, coming from retail, coming from being a business analyst to a six figure director in a privacy consultancy, coming from having no experience to getting on webinars, coming from having a little bit of experience and then actually being seen to as the go to Privacy Pro, then these are all of the things that we can help you with. And if you want any of those things, then our programs are definitely right for you.


So now you have two options. You can either carry on the way you are, not achieving the goals that you want, staying confused, wasting more time, staying stuck, letting yourself be held back with the fixed mindset and impostor syndrome, or you can join one of our programs and have a guaranteed chance to land a top tier privacy role, get the fulfilment that you need, have that breakthrough that you've been looking for, smash imposter syndrome in the face and really become a respected highly experienced and highly knowledgeable data Privacy pro that's respected by your peers and also your colleagues. There is a chance for you to actually apply for one of these career acceleration calls. So on the call, you're going to go through, speak to myself or you're going to speak to one of my team. We're going to look at all of the different areas that we've covered here, and then we're going to identify where your strengths are, where your weaknesses are, and give you a plan to implement so that you can actually go ahead and start fulfilling that formula.


And some of you might say at the end of that call, I want your help to do this, and we'll definitely help you if there's a program that's the right fit for you. So go ahead and start filling out that form. And for those of you who do book those calls, I look forward to speaking to you or learning more about that from Ananya. And then for those of you who actually come and join one of our programs, I'm looking forward to spending some time with you and I want to help make sure that you thrive so together we can protect the personal information of every woman, every man, and every child on this planet.


I decided to join the Privacy Pros program and how I listened was mainly from the podcast and it just clicked. I thought the way that you were talking and the way you're explaining it just seemed simple and I understood what you were saying and it seemed like something very possible I could do.

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